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Everada full service e-commerce

FSE for brands and retailers

FSE (full service e-commerce) – is a One Stop Solution for access online commerce in Russia, which includes e-commerce fulfillment center, customer care, technological IT platform, logistic carrier's integration, financial services and reporting system.

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«Everada is doing everything what happens offline to help clients to sell online»

Everything that is hidden
behind the «add to cart» button

Despite the virtual nature of the online store, it's infrastructure organization and development takes most part of the time, resources and investments. It's risky and takes sufficient time and money to launch an online store. Everada offers a solution: You focus on your brand development and sales growth,
and Everada is in charge of the operational part of the business.


Everada allows you to efficiently integrate the online store in the current business
and open new market possibilities

Are you a retailer or brand representative
and planning to launch an online store?

We are responsible for the operational
processes to launch and grow your
online business.


Address storage
Picking & Packing
Sticker label information

24/7 Customer Care

Focus on service quality
Cross sell & Up sell
Understanding of the brand and it's values

Logistics control

Delivery all over Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan
Cash and non-cash payments at delivery
Partial delivery

Payment services

Payment systems integration
Detailed sales report
Payment methods aggregation
Cash and non-cash payment methods

E-commerce accounting

Integration of the main operational elements into one report (fulfilment, customer care, logistics, financial operations)

Returns processing

Expertise of the returned orders
Money returns, refund

Reporting system

Personal account with a full project information access. All the information is available for integration with corporate accounting systems

One Stop Principle

You launch your online store by a One Stop Principle. All business processes are managed by a single technology by Everada. One project manager in your company is enough to launch online sales.

One company

One agreement

One report

«We know how important is to maintain your brand status, that`s why we are creating the e-commerce of the future today»

The e-commerce of the future

We have created the FSE solution so today you can focus on your development strategy,
marketing and product quality, minimizing the expenses to launch and manage your online project.

Fast launch

We provide you a ready to go infrastructure for the online channel launch, which allows you to decrease launching period and grow orders volume.

Operational risk decrease

Established business processes are providing high quality order fulfillment from the very beginning. We are constantly developing our services and take all the operational risks, which helps you to focus on growth.

One Stop Service

Everada – is the only partner you need for the online channel. Simple and transparent control and a project management system.

Multichannel solution

Launch the online channel in addition to your offline chain without changing any business logic.

Easy scaling

Technological architecture of the FSE solution allows you to easily scale your business, add new services for your customers.

Focus on growth

Everada is in charge of all operational processes (fulfillment, customer care, logistics, payments and returns), which allows you to focus on sales strategy and growth.

Secure back-end platform

Our Rest API system is supported by any CMS and other informational systems. We are developing and making our IT system better every day. Our clients help us to develop our IT solution. We provide only the latest version of the solution for our clients.

Resources cost planning

Easy cost planning – we can give you full cost analysis of the resources for any business scale.

«Excellent order fulfillment — is the base
of our work»

Why Everada

Everada – is a team of e-commerce experts. Based on word`s best practices we have
developed a product for companies to launch their online sales channel in Russia.

We are a team

Professionals, who create and develop client services every day. We can listen and find the best solutions. Everada team - people, who love what they do. Our clients know why it is important.

We are the first in Russia

Everada is the first full service e-commerce company in Russia providing one – stop solution for e-commerce. Every process of Everada is part of the single technology based on world's best practices.

We possess an effective IT platform

Our Information technologies allow us to connect every business process of the operational chain in our IT Platform. Online and offline channels integration, logistic and order fulfillment processes setup and optimization is provided by the FSE solution.

We are e-commerce experts

Each project receives the experience of largest online stores in Russia, foreign technology and many years of expertise.

We are strategic partners

We made a path from an innovative start-up project to a company, which is a reliable partner for reputable brands. World`s best practices in the core of our solution for Russian market – is the reliable base for a project development in Russia.

«We help brands to achieve outstanding results in online-sales»

They trust us

Team Everada is people, who love what they do. Our partners know why it is important.


For over 70 years Reima (Finland) is expert in design and manufacture of children apparel. Children are central in Reima's product development. All the details are designed from a child's perspective to guarantee freedom to move and play in any weather. Reima online store (www.reimashop.com) provides a vast selection of children apparel for any age group.

Children are central in Reima's product development Reima Shop


Econika is the #1 women shoes and accessories manufacturer. Every new collection is available in the online store (www.econika.ru). All the special offers and discounts of the retail chain are supported in the online store. The service level and the variety of available models are the same as in any chain location. Online store orders are delivered to Kazakhstan, Belarus and all over Russia.

Econika is the #1 women shoes and accessories manufacturer Econika Shop


Giant of military and transport industry, the UralVagonZavod Corporation have launched its online store (www.uvzshop.ru) where you can find fashion apparel, shoes, accessories, unique souvenirs, collection models of military and civil tech. Delivery is available all over Russia.

UralVagonZavod Corporation UVZ Shop


The hystory of Tervolina begins in the end of XX with Vittoria Agilara, son of the future shoemaker from Italy. Tervolina is the proof that beauty - is the way to success. In 2014 Tervolina launched an online store (www.tervolina.ru) in Russia. You can buy online shoes and accessories (scarfs, bags and gloves).

Женская обувь и аксессуары Tervolina Официальный сайт Tervolina

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